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Wallpaper hanging is our expertise

Choosing the right wallpaper is always a difficult decision.  It can be a costly exercise and once it’s on, it’s usually there for a few years.   If you’ve ever tried to wallpaper yourself, the enormity of getting the cut exactly right, matching the joinings up and simply maneuvering the length of paper from the paste table to the wall, is a nightmare.  Well, it is unless you’ve tackled thousands of wallpaper hanging projects like we have.   We know our trade inside out and the factors we take into account when hanging wallpaper is:

  • the pattern size
  • the strength of the wallpaper
  • the quality of the wallpaper
  • the texture of the wallpaper
  • the evenness of your walls
  • Other decors on the wall or adjoining walls

Different rooms need different types of wallpaper hanging as there are different weights of paper and different adhesives are needed.  We know exactly how to make sure that steamy bathroom doesn’t peel off your paper.  Gone forever are the problems of bubbling walls and unlevel plastering which make a wall look poor no matter what.  The secret lies in our 5-star preparation.   We use a unique finishing product which fills large and tiny cracks and abrasions on the wall, which results in the most professional and beautiful wallpapered walls.

We will hang wallpaper, wall art and wall murals.  Here are some ideas for wall murals.

We will happily hang the wallpaper of your choice although if you would like us to help you choose, we are experts at making sure you have a quality product which will last for years.   Just contact us and ask us for our sample books and we will be pleased to come to you and drop them off for you.